Taking care of your silk scarf


  • It is recommended the silk scarves to be washed by hand and the water temperature to be less than 30C. Don’t knead the silk vigorously, but press it gently.
  • Use a neutral detergent and avoid using soap when washing silk.
  • Dry the scarf by hanging it vertically in a ventilated and shaded place. Don’t leave it wrinkled, expose it directly to the sun or fluorescent light and don’t machine-dry it.
  • If the silk scarf is moistened by sweat, please wash and dry it at once, don’t soak it for a long time.
  • The scarf should be deposited in a hanging position and kept dry. Don’t hang it on a hard metal hook.
  • Avoid ironing or do it at the lowest temperature. Use preferably a steaming apparat.